As a Unit Leader it can sometimes be difficult to find the time or the staff to be able to provide the DofE expedition programme that you would like or your participants require. Buying and maintaining equipment, producing resources, conducting recces and risk assessments, training participants, finding staff who are both experienced and qualified to supervise and assess your expeditions can be an enormous task. It becomes an even bigger task when your group are keen to undertake an overseas venture.

This is were we can help.

We can discuss your requirements and design a bespoke programme that meets the needs of your group as well as maintaining your schools/organisations ethos.

After discussing your needs we will then recce and risk assess all expedition areas, allocate equipment and staff, assist in the completion of all expedition paperwork required by the Duke of Edinburgh's Award along with any paperwork required by your school and produce your programme. We will also be available to attend parents evenings, meet staff and participants and answer any questions.

You can also link the programme to the participants curriculum both through the training and expeditions location, aim, project and final presentation.


UK Programmes

At Adventure Training & Expeditions our highly experienced and qualified team of experts have extensive knowledge of expeditioning throughout the UKs National Parks as well as in lowland terrain and have many years of experience in the delivery of expedition training. Our tried and tested programme trains and practices participants, developing their skills and experience to a level that ensures they are fully equipped to have the best chance of success on their qualifying expedition. Throughout the training and expeditions we are always striving to ensure that our service and safety are of the highest quality. This all ensures that participants have a challenging, fun but most importantly a safe and positive experience.

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