Giving your DofE participants the opportunity to conduct their expedition overseas can be extremely rewarding for both them and you as a leader. We have a variety of exciting destinations to choose from where participants will be challenged and you will be able to watch as they develop mentally, physically, emotionally and socially. In addition to this you will also be able to enjoy the magnificent scenery, culture and adventure that comes with overseas travel. All of our overseas DofE expeditions are led by Mountain Leaders, adhere to the 20 conditions and are approved by the DofE.

We can discuss your requirements and identify a suitable overseas location for your participants. We will meet with staff and participants and launch the expedition for you at a parents information evening along with answering any questions. We can then hold a destination specific training weekend for staff and participants were you will be taught additional skills required for the expedition destination. In addition to this we will also spend time familiarising participants in the maps to be used and carry out the required route planning. We are then ready for our adventure.

If your group have not undertaken any expedition training or practice expedition, we can help arrange this for you through our range of UK programmes.



Morocco - High Atlas Mountains




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