At Adventure Training & Expeditions our highly experienced and qualified team of experts have extensive knowledge of expeditioning throughout the UKs National Parks as well as in lowland terrain and have many years of experience in the delivery of expedition training. Our tried and tested programme trains and practices participants, developing their skills and experience to a level that ensures they are fully equipped to have the best chance of success on their qualifying expedition. Throughout the training and expeditions we are always striving to ensure that our service and safety are of the highest quality. This all ensures that participants have a challenging, fun but most importantly a safe and positive experience.


Programme Content

Our programme of training, practice and qualifying expeditions is tried and tested, the programme does not cut corners but instead prepares participants for success. We believe that the saying "Fail to prepare, then prepare to fail" is never more true than in the outcome of an expedition.

Our programme;

1) Training
An intense but fun two day programme provides participants with all of the training required as per the DofE expedition training framework. Delivered by our highly experienced and qualified instructors, participants are given the knowledge, skills and top tips to help them to prepare for their expeditions.


2) Practice Expedition
On day one of the practice expedition participants are eased into the challenges of expedition life with a familiarisation day giving them the opportunity to chat with their expedition supervisor and reacquaint themselves with basic campcraft, discuss routes and safety procedures. On day two under the guidance of one of our highly experienced and qualified expedition instructors the team are given an "In the field training day" allowing them to put into practice the training they have previously had. On day three the team then take ownership of their expedition and complete the remainder of the expedition on their own but with our supervisors on hand should the team need further training or assistance.


3) Qualifying Expedition
On arrival participants are met by their assessor and expedition supervisor who will then spend time working with the team to ensure they are ready to undertake their qualifying venture. Safety, routes, equipment and emergency procedures are discussed and checked before the team then begin their expedition. As per DofE rules and 20 conditions teams must be self sufficient during the expedition however our supervisors and assessors will be on the ground meeting the team as required to ensure safety and wellbeing as well as being available if the team require assistance.


On completion of both the practice and qualifying expeditions participants will receive a 1 to 1 review with their supervisor/assessor.


What's Included

  • Initial planning meeting at your school/organisation
  • Meeting with staff, parents and participants
  • Assistance with all paperwork required by Operating Authorities and Expedition Panels
  • Expedition Information Pack (kit list, guidance & advice for participants)
  • Qualified and experienced instructors for training
  • Qualified and experienced supervisors and assessors on expedition
  • Satelite tracking of teams (SPOT)
  • Campsite fees
  • Use of our high quality team equipment: tents, gas trangia stoves, maps, compasses, first aid kits, group shelters,  high visibility vests and rucksack covers
  • Post expedition review with participants and leaders


Our 6,9 and 11 day expedition packages for Bronze, Silver and Gold expeditions are tried and tested and have worked exceptionally well in preparing participants for success. We do however understand that sometimes it is difficult to make things fit and so we do our best to be as flexible as possible in helping you to accommodate the needs of your group. Our packages are based on a minimum of 10 participants however we are happy to discuss smaller groups. For more information and to discuss pricing why not give us a call for an informal chat.




Bronze Training & Expedition Package




  • Training - 2 days
  • Practice expedition - 2 days (familiarisation & field training followed by a night and day expedition)
  • Qualifying expedition - 2 days (familiarisation followed by a 2 day expedition)


For more information please drop us a line or give us a call






Silver Expedition Training & Expedition Package



  • Training - 2 days
  • Practice expedition - 3 days (familiarisation & field training followed by a 2 day expedition)
  • Qualifying expedition - 4 days (familiarisation followed by a 3 day expedition)


For more information please drop us a line or give us a call






Gold Training & Expedition Package




  • Training - 2 days
  • Practice expedition - 5 days (familiarisation & in the field training followed by a 3 day expedition)
  • Qualifying expedition - 5 days (familiarisation followed by a 4 day expedition)



For more information please drop us a line or give us a call



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