This is a 1 day (8 hour) course designed for people who would like the reassurance of having the essential first aid skills to deal with a life threatening situation and provide emergency first aid for some of the more common injuries that occur in the outdoors. The course is suitable for those working towards a Level 3 Certificate in Basic Expedition Leadership, D of E supervisors, Field Study Teachers or those who enjoy being in the outdoors. The course gives individuals a thorough grounding in remote wilderness medicine and exceeds the recommendations for the HSE approved Emergency First Aid at Work qualification. We will also pass on our experience of administering first aid in a remote environment and the practicalities involved when it is appropriate. The course has a practical hands on approach.


  • Previous experience required: None
  • Assessment: Continuous Assessment takes place during this course along with a multiple choice question paper.
  • Numbers: A maximum of 12 candidates
  • Valid: 3 years


Course Content

  • Aims & Responsibilities of the First Responder
  • Priorities of Treatment
  • Primary & Secondary Assessment
  • Adult Resuscitation
  • Airway Obstruction - Choking
  • Bleeding - Major & Minor
  • Shock
  • Basic Wilderness Fractures
  • Wilderness Burns
  • Expedition Hygiene
  • Extremes of Temperature - Hypothermia & Hyperthermia



The course will be a combination of indoor and outdoor scenario's / sessions. You will therefore need to come with the following equipment

  • Warm outdoor clothing
  • Footwear x 2. 1 pair for indoors and 1 more robust pair for outdoors i.e. walking boots or wellies.
  • Waterproof jacket and trousers.
  • Notebook and pen


Course Literature

As part of the course you will also receive a copy of First Aid and Wilderness Medicine written by renowned experts Drs Jim Duff and Peter Gormly, this guidebook describes basic first aid techniques for those travelling in wilderness areas. Deals with fundamentals such as preparation, prevention, first aid kits and provides details on how to deal with a variety of accidents and illnesses.


Dates & Location

16th February 2019 (Dover)



Price: £70.00 + VAT


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